Make a difference form competitors. And open your business to Massive customers on the internet

DinoQ is an innovation platform that helps you create websites, web applications or mobile apps easily and quickly from your ideas in a few days. Your employees can access all over the world via the Internet without having to buy, set up, or manage any infrastructure. Just log-in and work. To provide an opportunity to improve your business and open your business to Massive customers on the internet.

Quick to Build

Quick to Change

Low effort Usage

Form your idea

Suitable for

Quickly create web apps Can change quickly Customers increase quickly.

The dinoque helps to create web applications faster. Reach customers quickly And adjust your business quickly Is the heart of the competition of the digital age business Just as everything is in your hands..


Create web apps for customers within a few weeks. Try the market at a low cost And can expand the size to support growth.

Business Owner, SME

Create a web app to meet the strengths of your business. And connecting a large number of customers on the internet.


Change the way web development is traditional. The original products that are complex are new digital products. To customers immediately.


Deliver professional web apps With quick time Able to follow the system easily and conveniently.


Easy steps to create a website Or your own web app

2. Customization More details

3. Set domain name More details


Hire experts to work for you. More details

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Application Market

Buy Web Components

Suitable for those with experience in system development By choosing to buy parts for development, such as the database structure, website structure to be developed further.

Buy Website

Suitable for those who need the system immediately. With the ability to maintain And can customize Or to hire an expert to help manage the website for you.

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DinoQ, Web Application Platform

Is our latest system development tool Can provide the fastest and most complete way In developing web applications for developers In order to be able to deliver the best impression to customers.

App Studio

Data Studio

Drag-Drop Development

Blend development with dragging And write code perfectly Making collaboration between designers and developers as well as inspectors Can work together perfectly

Data Online

Developers can design databases quickly and easily with online database management tools. Which has both HA support and daily backups

Source Code Online

Sauce code in application development is stored in an online platform. With changes to all versions of data Which can call the old version of the sauce to work if there is a problem

Web Responsive Design

DinoQ Platform Designed under Responsive Design, which allows every web application to support multiple devices such as notebooks, tablet PCs or mobile devices.

Integrate to popular services

There are plugins that can easily connect to other cloud services such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Zendesk or others to increase the potential of your business.

Security based Design

DinoQ Platform Is designed on the basis of safety Whether encrypting data, controlling permissions using OAuth 2.0 or even preventing attacks By using the firewall web app

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Hire experts to build and maintain websites for you.

For business owners who do not have experience in system development at all Or do not want to do the system itself Can hire an expert to be an agent With standard price packages.

Hire for development

Is to hire to customize the website after buying ready-made website Or hire a new website developer.

Hire to care

Is a caretaker And slightly refine the system After buying the finished website Or hire a new website developer.

Free Consult

Customers can request to consult our experts for free via the specified channels.

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Choose DinoQ Cloud Package

Is an innovation that helps you manage Keep track of your own web apps. Reduce, expand to accommodate customers as needed Can be accessed all over the world through the internet.


Free of Charge

  • 1 Website
  • 20 Screen/Logic
  • 500 Requests/Month
  • 10 Data Tables
  • Store 100 Records/Table
  • Use Central Database
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support




  • 1 Website
  • 30 Screen/Logic
  • 20,000 Requests/Month
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support




  • 1 Website
  • 50 Screen/Logic
  • 500,000 Requests/Month
  • 10 Data Tables
  • Store 100,000 Records/Table
  • Use Central Database
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support




  • 1 Website
  • 150 Screen/Logic
  • 1.5M Request/Month
  • 20 Data Tables
  • Store 500,000 Records/Table
  • Use Central Database
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support




  • 1 Website
  • 200 Screen/Logic
  • 5M Requests/Month
  • 50 Data Tables
  • Store Unlimited Records
  • Use Separate Private Database
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support



Contact Us

  • Unlimited Website
  • Unlimited Screen/Logic
  • Unlimited Requests/Month
  • Unlimited Data Tables
  • Store Unlimited Records
  • Use Separate Private Database
  • Support Help Center
  • Billing Support

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